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Nova Southeastern University AAUW Branch

Ask not what rights your great-grandmother gained for you,
but what rights you can gain for your great-granddaughters.

We Stand for Academic Freedom:

We Stand for Academic Freedom


AAUW Nova Southeastern University: 3073
South Florida

Position Name Contact Information
Randi L. Sims sims@nova.edu
VP, Director for Membership
Director for Programs
Robin St. George robidoug@nova.edu
Director of Finance Julie Torruellas Garcia jg1511@nova.edu
Director for Public Policy
Carolyn Fitzpatrick
College University Relations Liaisons/
Student Advisors
Mallely Rodriguez Mallely.Rodriguez@nova.edu
Communications Director

Student Programming Assistant

Thea McComisky

Yvonne Collins



Professional Membership Available: Join Us!

 Click Here 

Once you are on the national aauw.org page, click sign in with your account. Either click forgot password (if you have ever had an AAUW association) or new member.

Then follow the steps to join National, State, and our Nova Southeastern Branch.

Fees include $72 for National membership, $12 for state membership, and $20 for Branch membership. A total of $104.

Sorry, you must join all three to be a full member of our Branch. However, we welcome those who  want to informally participate as non-voting members.

Join our NSU outlook group AAUWNSU to stay up to date on our programs and activities.



FREE AAUW eMembership Available to all NSU Students!

NSU is an official AAUW (American Association of University Women) University Partner. With the generosity of the Provost’s office, both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for FREE AAUW national membership.

AAUW Free National Student E-membership

Click the link below and follow the directions.

  1. Become an AAUW Member – AAUW : Empowering Women Since 1881
  2. Under student member click join/renew.
  3. If you do not have a prior AAUW account scroll to the bottom, click do not have an account.
  4. When creating a new account use your nova email.
  5. Enter your personal information.
  6. Click to create new degree record.
  7. Click student associate.
  8. Click no for the next two questions. State and local membership are added costs and are not covered under the free national membership.
  9. Scroll down to coupon code enter the following: CollegeUnivMemberStudents2023

Undergraduate students can also join the student AAUW club on campus via sharkhub.